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Take This Bread specializes in baking three very specific bread products. In this way, we can make excellent bread and lower prices. If you have a custom bread product in mind, give us a call – we’re sure we can make it.

Currently we make white and whole wheat loaves, and specialize in producing communion wafers.

Bread Loaves


Our white and whole wheat loaves are of the best quality and have no preservatives whatsoever. What this means is that it’s best fresh, and eaten within the week.

If you would like a list of the ingredients we use, please email us and we would be happy to let you in on our trade secrets.

Communion Wafers


We make excellent wafers that actually taste good! Both the Priest’s hosts and individual wafers are available.

Where To Buy?

There are several ways to purchase bread from us.

Individuals can come to All Saints Church Community Centre (315 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON) to purchase bread. As of September 28th, we will be selling bread only on Friday afternoons after 2:00pm. First come, first served. Please knock on the door listed as #315 on Dundas Street East.

Individuals and organizations can also order bread online. You can choose from several delivery options: Pick-up from All Saints; “GREEN Delivery”, or Out-of Area delivery.

Our “GREEN Delivery” means that we will walk or bicycle your order to you. This is only available for deliveries for those with postal codes beginning with: M5A, M4M, M4X, M4Y, M5B, M5G, M5E, M5J, M5C, M5X, M5K, M5H, M5W.

Out-of-Area delivery requires a minimum of 20 loaves be purchased and includes a delivery charge of $20.00. In other words, we would really like to meet you, so come and pick up bread.

Tenants of Toronto Community Housing can come and visit us at 251 Sherbourne Street, Toronto. Our bread is sold out of the community coffee room on Friday afternoons at 2:00pm.

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